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Forged Performance
(770) 792-0202
498 Cobb Parkway South
Marietta, GA 30060
Primary Contact:
Sharif Abdelbaset
General Manager/Calibrator/Driving Instructor
(770) 792-0202
Facebook Messenger: Sharif Abdelbaset Preferred method of contact: Facebook Messenger
Secondary Contact:
Sponsor Type: Performance Specialist / Parts Sales / Tuning Services / Auto Transport
Sponsor Ranking: Premier
GT-R Crew Testimonial:

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Products & Services:

Parts Sales / Distribution
Professional Engine & Transmission Building
Full Service Race Shop
Fabrication Engineering
Engine Tuning
Trackside Support / Driving Instruction

Business Profile:

Forged Performance has been in business for 11 years straight and has been working on GT-R's since 2008 when they first hit the USA market. As one of the largest Nissan specialty shops in the Eastern Half of the USA, Forged Performance is uniquely positioned to offer the highest level of performance and customer service in the industry. Forged Performance has tuned 100's of GT-R's over the years and FORGED does all of their engine and transmission assembly in house. Full engine and transmission capability is what helps set them apart from others. To give you an idea of just how many GT-R transmission Forged Performance has work on, FORGED is the largest Dodson Motorsports Pro Dealer in the world. Forged Performance insists, start to finish, all transmission work is performed on location. Removal, assembly and install assures the job is done correctly the first time!

Forged Performance build and spec all of their own engines parts and assemble them in house. Engine break in is done on an in-house load based dyno cell, then full power tuning shortly after that. This means the car is ready to go full blast without any restrictions when you get the car back in your hands.

In the last year, FORGED has made a strong push into the world of 1/2 mile racing and continues to refine 1/4 mile capabilities. Expect to see even more Forged Performance cars over the 200mph mark in the coming months...The next could be yours!