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Events & Meets

Everything you expect from the Carolina GT-R Crew all starts here! Participation in the group events and activities are essential to this organization and the method we are able to support, not only a cost free membership, but also the member discount and benefits program.

The core of everything the Carolina GT-R Crew sets to accomplish are revolved around events and meets. Without the continued schedule of events, the real focus of the driving experience and social comradery is lost. Carolina GT-R Crew events are primarily “no cost/low cost” to participate, but special limited events are based on adjusted enrollment cost determined by member participation. Without the minimum member participation for select events, the risk of future Carolina GT-R Crew involvement maybe at risk. Our current members are the pioneers of this group’s success and the future of our direction. We have accelerated faster than what was imaginable and together we look forward to what we can accomplish as a Crew!

Activity Calendar

By clicking on the “+Google Calendar” icon above, you will be able to sync this calendar to your current busy schedule to determine where the Carolina GTR Crew will fit in.

Please note that the calendar of events available to the general public on this site remains limited to that of the private membership calendar. Active participating members are privileged to even greater “special invitation only” opportunities unlike any other member based auto culture group around.