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Carolina GT-R Crew was founded in July 2016 by several GT-R owner enthusiasts looking to expand the network of GT-R owners throughout the Carolinas for the purpose of social events, racing and everything GT-R. From the beginning, the GT-R Crew’s success was largely influenced by the members themselves and the “word of mouth” that still drives our growing community. Carolina GT-R Crew has maintained a NO COST membership by members assisting with skills and services that fall within their profession or financial donation ability. Unlike any other car group or club, the Carolina GT-R Crew, has attracted a level of member class that has evolved into the best cultural experience and comradery the auto community has possibly ever seen!

Being a private club through way of Facebook, every member is encouraged to post events, plan drives, social gatherings, car shows, race events, part sales and anything else our GT-R community may have interest in. The Facebook group page is NOT an advertising hub for retailers or businesses to promote products, services and/or any other social sites. Carolina GT-R Crew members can expect only the best experience and opportunity for what GT-R ownership is all about!

Become a Crew Member

One of the greatest reasons to become an active Carolina GT-R Crew member is no less than the exchange of information. Talking to owners that have owned and operated these cars for several years, upgraded them, raced them and have been through Nissan warranty issues, can save you time and money. Our members are extremely helpful when it comes to service centers, Do It Yourself (DIY) projects, performance upgrades and tuners.

The Carolina GT-R Crew partners with all types of businesses, including several Nissan dealerships with Certified GT-R Technicians, to offer valuable money saving discounts to all Carolina GT-R Crew members! Discounts offered to no one else and special services no other club can match! Again, these special offerings have been widely extended to the Carolina GT-R Crew by the members themselves opening communication with local businesses and expressing the benefits of what continued inner marketing and the potential GT-R clients may potentially bring to their business. As a team, we grow together, reap the benefits of hard work and celebrate the victories of our accomplishments as one! Together we are a foundation, a support network and a crew. We are the Carolina GT-R Crew! Those around us will know the presence unlike any other car group before!

Rules and Requirements to become a member:

1. Applicant MUST privately or commercially be the owner of a Nissan GT-R.

2. Applicant should be a resident/business of North Carolina or South Carolina.*

3. Members CANNOT use the group Facebook page to promote a business, service, car club or any other endeavor which would target Carolina GT-R Crew members. Personal Messaging (PM) individual members for the sake of promoting a product/service is also discouraged and maybe risk of membership termination if reported to an administrator by another member.

*(Special exceptions can be approved by the administrators)